Warts are small tumours which are caused by human papillomavirus infection. They commonly occur on the skin. Lot of people prefer to get it removed through surgeries though that is not preferred as warts tend to appear back on the skin. So surgery does not really offer a cure to this problem. One must remember that warts can spread from one part of the body to another. They are highly contagious. Majority of the wart treatment reviews suggest that precautions must be used while getting warts treated. Warts which appear on face or on genital areas should not be treated without consulting a doctor.

After going through several wart treatment reviews these are some treatments suggested to cure warts:-

1. Cryotherapy: This refers to a freezing therapy which is done under medical supervision. It involves applying liquid nitrogen to your wart with the help of a spray or a cotton swab. This might require the doctor to numb the area first, as application of liquid nitrogen might cause pain. Post this treatment a blister forms around the wart. This sort of treatment may involve more than 2 visits to the doctor until the wart disappears completely.

2. Treatment using salicylic acid: This medicine is prescribed by doctors. It is applied at home. Additionally, you may also be required to visit the doctor under this treatment. Subsequently, your doctor may cut away the part post cryotherapy.

3. Laser treatment: The laser treatment burns the effected blood vessel eventually destroying the infected tissue. This makes the wart fall off from the affected area.

4. Homoeopathic treatment: This sort of treatment is absolutely painless and hazardless as this form of medicine does not have any side effects. This can be taken from any Homoeopathic doctor who prepare the medicine and give it to you. However, before giving the medicine that they will understand your medical history post which the treatment will be started. This treatment generally takes longer to show results but it assures that the wart never re-appears.

Conclusion: Post going through several wart treatment reviews patients suggested that the second option had the highest success rate.