Welcome to the French Connection (First Post)

ergonomic chairHello Hello and welcome to the French Connection.  We are a site focused on awareness in a very pointed category: the combination of health and furniture selection.  Now, more than ever, in the history of mankind, we’re sitting more time sitting.  Our jobs require sitting, whether we are pilots, desk workers, engineers, architects, lawyers and doctors.  Our recreation involves sitting, when we’re watching TV, at the movies, driving and traveling.  With so much time spent on our butts, it becomes extremely important to pay attention to how we sit.

A common misconception is that health, ergonomics and aesthetic furniture selection don’t mix.  However you can still decorate a office or home office with style in mind.  There are many options available for finding ergonomically designed chairs that are good for your health and also look very nice.

Mesh chairs, as seen on the image above are very attractive, and are one of the best options for those with a sore or injured back.  The mesh structure of the back rest conforms to the body and cradles it while you work.  Many find it very easy to adapt to and instantly comfortable.

Kneeling chairs are basically stools that allow you to sit up straight and train your body to assume a good posture.  They’re also reported to be very nice on the lower back because of the curvature they help to maintain through their unique design.  And they’re fashionable as well.  They often come in sleek designs and feature finished wood and leather seating pads.

So before you make a purchasing decision based purely on style, think about the health support that the furniture product will bring.  And when looking for ergonomic furniture, you don’t have to settle for something that its going to look ghastly in the office.  There’s always a happy medium and we’re here to help you find it.