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How to Find a Good Waxer

waxing3The beauty of hair removal from various body parts is critical and should be done in a professional style. This is both for the first timers and even those who have been doing it for long. This is because they care and customize their services to all the first timers. For those who are doing waxing for the first time, the tips to consider are:

Getting licensed experts

Waxing is critical and requires experts who are professional in the area. This is because the exercise can be nerve wrecking and even scary. Experience and training of the person to be hired will also matter a lot. This helps get the worth the cash paid and walk home feeling rejuvenated.

Consulting and research

It is wise to always get the background information about a service provider. Therefore those who are having their first time waxing can consult from friends and experts. Checking their reviews will also help a lot. This gives a client the confidence that they will get a service worth their cash.

Clean facilities

The facilities which are used for the service should be extremely clean. This will help evade the risk of contracting infections. All the sheets should be clean plus the equipment used should either be disposable or sanitized. This will wash away the fear of getting a substandard service. The testimonies of the clients about the cleanliness of a certain beauty center will also help get the truth.

In conclusion, there are various types of waxing offered in beauty salon Battersea. With various people preferring different types of waxing one should be sure a specific type. For strip waxing it involves spreading a thin layer of wax on the skin. A piece of cloth is then pressed firmly on it. Also there is another type called strip-less wax or hard wax. It involves spreading a thick layer of the wax and removing it when it cools and hardens. The strip-less is beneficial for people with sensitive skins.

Useful Tips When Using A Curling Wand

curling wand before and afterWhile a curling wand is considered one of the most indispensable tools, there are quite number of things that you need to know before you start using it. Sadly, quite a number of people invest so much on this tool without first learning how to use it safely. The following are some caution tips that will help you in getting the best out of you’re your device.

Never use it near water; just like any other electrical device, it must not be used in areas with water such as the bathrooms, or any other area that is prone to water, as this may lead to some serious electrical accidents. If it accidently falls into water, do not at any time try to reach out for the device. Ideally, it will make more sense if you switch off the device and you remove the power cable from the plug. Additionally, this device is electrically live even when the switch is OFF; you need to remove from the plug and you store after using.

A curling wand can heat up within seconds, and that is immediately after being switched ON. It is because of this reason that you need to be careful, and you do not touch the hot barrel as this can cause some serious burns on your fingers and hands. If at all you experience some minor burns, an anti-septic cream can surely come in handy. However, if you want to reduce the chances of being burnt by this tool, protective gloves can be worn.
While quite a number of these tools are very easy to use, understanding first how they work will be of great help to you. The best part, these devices normally come with manuals. So if you want to learn how to use them safely and effectively, going through that simple manual can actually be the first and best thing that you can do.

Ideally, by practicing a lot of caution while using this curling machine, you will be able to get the best out of your wand. All in all, a curling wand is such an indispensable tool and worth every consideration.

Review: Jobri Jazzy Deluxe Kneeling Chair

jazzi deluxe kneeling chairThe Jobri Jazzy Deluxe Kneeling Chair was designed using the ergonomic concept which states that “A strong back is a healthy back”. This chair comes with the benefits of comfort, different color choices, a back rest and a stylish frame for support. It’s not necessarily a cheap kneeling stool, but you get for you pay for in terms of quality.

It is available in blue, red, lime green, black and grey colors. Its height range is 22’’ to 27’’. Knee cushion size is 16.5’’ x9.5’’. Its overall width is 16.5’’. It also comes with a gas height adjustment and chair back.

Kneeling chairs are designed to encourage a natural balance line and the Jobri Jazy Deluxe Kneeling Chair fits the profile. This line runs from the ear to the shoulder then down to the hip. If you are interested in top quality, this chair fits the bill. It has a great mechanism for adjustment in terms of height shin pad and back rest. The fact that it is well put together and highly durable makes it an ideal choice for most people. It is slightly expensive compared to other kneeling chairs but going with the customer reviews it is worth it.

It is highly versatile and can be used in various applications such as the work place and dental offices where the posture needs to be adjusted and varies from leaning forward and backwards. It is seen as an ideal ergonomic solution and the fact that it is available in many colors makes it a popular choice. Based on customer reviews, the chair received 5 star ratings for its overall comfort, durability and Ergonomic ranking. Customers commented that the chair is well balanced, easy to assemble and sturdy. Most customers would prefer that leather was used instead, because the fabric can get slippery when one is in a relaxing mode. Compared to other kneeling chairs in the market, the Jobri Jazzy Deluxe Kneeling Chair is a force to reckon with and frequently graces the lists of the top knee chair reviews.

What First Time Buyers Should Know About Kneeling Chairs

kneeling chair with womanThere are several fundamental factors that you should consider before buying kneeling chairs (also known as ergonomic knee chairs) for your use. Firstly, the technical features of the chair must top your list as a first time buyer. This is due to the fact that features ultimately determine the utility value that you can derive from the product. The ergonomics are equally important; and of course material used to make the product should be of the highest quality on the market.

Everything you should know about kneeling chairs

Always choose Kneeling chairs that are comfortable as possible because it is for this very purpose that they are created. They should be portable and light weight in nature, but strong and durable to offer you value for your money. There are many designs on the market that you can choose from. However, before you pick on any design consider the functionality rates it offers. You can opt for one that has a back support, or go for that which does not have this feature in its package. It is highly recommended to go for the folding types because they are easier to carry around. Alternatively, based on your unique needs you can buy a chair that has wheels at its base or one that rocks.  Always be sure to read the best knee stool reviews.

The pricing of the chair you choose should be pocket-friendly so that you can save some money. If you do some good research you will definitely get one that comes at the lowest end of the price spectrum. As a word of advice, do not compromise quality over price no matter how urgent you need this product. The size of the chair is very important too and must always be considered by first time buyers. The contours and padding of the product you choose should meet market specifications, and fabric used complement your office or home decor. You will never go wrong if you choose kneeling chairs based on the aforementioned factors.

Welcome to the French Connection (First Post)

ergonomic chairHello Hello and welcome to the French Connection.  We are a site focused on awareness in a very pointed category: the combination of health and furniture selection.  Now, more than ever, in the history of mankind, we’re sitting more time sitting.  Our jobs require sitting, whether we are pilots, desk workers, engineers, architects, lawyers and doctors.  Our recreation involves sitting, when we’re watching TV, at the movies, driving and traveling.  With so much time spent on our butts, it becomes extremely important to pay attention to how we sit.

A common misconception is that health, ergonomics and aesthetic furniture selection don’t mix.  However you can still decorate a office or home office with style in mind.  There are many options available for finding ergonomically designed chairs that are good for your health and also look very nice.

Mesh chairs, as seen on the image above are very attractive, and are one of the best options for those with a sore or injured back.  The mesh structure of the back rest conforms to the body and cradles it while you work.  Many find it very easy to adapt to and instantly comfortable.

Kneeling chairs are basically stools that allow you to sit up straight and train your body to assume a good posture.  They’re also reported to be very nice on the lower back because of the curvature they help to maintain through their unique design.  And they’re fashionable as well.  They often come in sleek designs and feature finished wood and leather seating pads.

So before you make a purchasing decision based purely on style, think about the health support that the furniture product will bring.  And when looking for ergonomic furniture, you don’t have to settle for something that its going to look ghastly in the office.  There’s always a happy medium and we’re here to help you find it.